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Tullow Show is a yearly trade show that helps promote local business and in turn, helps build a stronger local economy.
Trade stands provide a colourful display for prospective customers with the promotion of quality food, crafts and many attractions for a nice family day out.

The Tullow Show hosts competitions for poultry, gardening, flower arranging and crafts. Home-made bread, cakes and jam attract many entries. In the School section work is presented in various categories, such as art, poetry, handwriting, and essay writing.

Tullow Show Competition of 2019

The Tullow Show took place on 18 August 2018. We were all delighted to hear we did well; six art awards and a first prize in the 5th & 6th essay competition. We are also thrilled our school won the award for the best large school for the work the pupils entered for Art, Handwriting, Poetry and Essays. We even had a teacher who won a prize for her own bread and jam. We had a wonderful night of awards in the Tullow Community School on 25 September 2019 and we got a very impressive trophy.

Tullow Show Competition of 2018

This year the Tullow Show took place on 21 August 2018. We had 18 winners in the School section. Our school also won the trophy for Best Large School! The Prize Giving ceremony took place on Tuesday 25 September in Tullow Community School, with Tullow Show chairman John Nolan presenting the prizes.

Well done to everyone involved!