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In St. Brigid’s National School, we believe that the students have a vital role in creating a positive and welcoming school environment where learning and happiness can flourish. The Student Council is a representative group for all the students in St Brigid’s National School, through which they can become involved in the affairs of the school with the support of teachers and staff in the school.

Our Role

  • to give students a more active role in the organisation of the school and ensure they are listened to and respected for their ideas and concerns.
  • to provide an opportunity for students to voice their opinions and offer suggestions in regard to aspects of school life.
  • to provide students with greater involvement in the decision-making procedures of their school and voice their opinions on proposed changes and thereby help play a significant role in improving school life.
  • to encourage students in St. Brigid’s National School to organise and take part in events and to represent the school in a positive way.

Students from 1st class upwards are invited to nominate themselves for a place on the student council. The elected students are invited to be active participants on the Student Council, to attend regular meetings, to take an active part in events, and be a role model for other students. Council meetings are coordinated by Ms Longe and take place on a monthly basis.

Prior to meetings, the representatives on the council are required to gather ideas and suggestions from their respective classes and bring these topics for discussion at meetings. Also, Ms Longe may bring forward ideas or upcoming events that require discussion and deliberation. Following the meetings, the representatives are required to report the outcome of meetings to their class and notify them of upcoming events.

Check out the news section on our website for the Student Council’s latest activities.

Student Council Members
  • Ivy (1st Class)
  • Oisín (2nd Class)
  • Jack (3rd Class)
  • Alexandra (4th Class)
  • Ethan (5th Class)
  • Ellie (6th Class)
  • Rhys (ASD Unit, 4th Class)
  • Ben (ASD Unit, 6th Class)