School Calendar


Welcome to Mrs. Warren’s class!

Take a look at what we got up to this year.


Our class had great fun attending our school tour in Kilkenny. Thankfully the weather was sunny and warm. We started our day with bowling in KBowl Kilkenny. We were given treats and biscuits which we all enjoyed. We all had a turn trying to knock down the pins. We even had a go at sitting on a throne for a well-deserved break. After bowling we visited the Reptile Village. Here we had the opportunity to observe snakes, lizards, crocodiles and geckos! We had the opportunity to touch some of these creatures. Everyone was very brave
except Mrs. Warren who wouldn’t touch the snake. At the Reptile Village we had great fun at the play area and enjoyed our time there. It was a fantastic school tour.

Sports  Day was a great success. We had a variety of races and activities. The sack race was great fun but hard work. Ms. Hayden also gave her students head bands and wrist bands to wear. We all looked extra sporty. It was an opportunity to have chats with friends. Activities included welly throwing and penalty shoot outs. The water activity was very popular.A very busy day with lots of activities completed.


Our class had a busy month. In science we learned about bridges. We tested
bridges in our classroom using paper and coins. One bridge held over twenty copper coins!
This month we also celebrated Europe Flag Day. We coloured in flags from Romania and Latvia. We had great fun walking to the castle to show all our flags.
New tablets arrived at our school, and we had great fun testing them out with our class. These touch screens make them easy and fun to use.
At the end of the month, we had our Music Generation Concert. We enjoyed playing and practicing the guitar with our teacher Paul.
We started our Art for the Tullow Show. We will have lovely art to show for June.


In our Maths we have been learning about measuring.We had great fun creating snakes.We then used a variety of items to measure our snakes. One snake was as long as a metre.Before Easter we measured ingredients out to make delicious Chocolate Crispy Buns.They were very tasty.


March was a busy month. We celebrated World Book Day 2024. We dressed as characters from our favourite books and brought in  books to read.

We worked on our Easter Wreath to celebrate the Easter Story. We had great fun designing our wreath. We also dressed up in green clothes as part of the St.Patrick’s Day celebrations.It was lovely to see all the different shades of green.


February was a busy month for our class.There were many different
celebrations during this month. At the start of the month we welcomed
Grandparents into our school as part of Catholic Schools Week. This new
month also marked the start of spring. We were busy painting flowers and
learning about St.Brigid.  Another special saint for this month was St.Valentine.We designed cards and lovely hearts to send home to show our love for our families. Pancake Tuesday was up next and we made tasty pancakes in school. Everyone took turns in mixing the ingredients and tidying up afterwards. In Maths,we had fun learning about 3D Shapes. We are looking
forward to next month already!


Our class worked on lovely art this month.We painted the Arctic animal, the
Snowy Owl. We used sponges and paint brushes to create our lovely art. We
drank some hot chocolate as a treat during the cold weather. We designed our
own hot chocolate mugs for Art. We also played games as part of our theme
in History. It was a great start to 2024.


December was a busy month for our class. We wore our Christmas jumpers and got into the Christmas spirit. We had great fun decorating our tree at the beginning  of the month. The winners of the Credit Union Art Competition also received a visit from Jean Brennan who very kindly congratulated all the winners personally. We had fun working with Ms. Hayden’s class in Art. The Gardaì also came to visit. We had great fun meeting and chatting with the Gardaì.

All from Mrs. Warren’s wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


We had a busy  November.We made hot chocolate which was delicious.We also created Arctic Foxes as part of our theme of Polar Lands.They are cute and fluffy.Pupils were also delighted to receive their Credit Union Art Prizes.Well done to all.We started to decorate for Christmas with our Art work.


It was a very busy month. We had great fun dressing up for Halloween. Our class had clowns, air force pilots and magical creatures joining our class on dress up day. We also walked to Huntingdon Castle in our costumes and had fun playing on the castle grounds. Thankfully the weather stayed dry. We had treats in class and watched fun Halloween movies.

This month we also baked some delicious buns with the guidance of Ms. Redmond. They were very tasty!


We had a busy month. We learned about 2D Shapes and designed different patterns and constructed a variety of shape creations.

We enjoyed our art activities and painted colourful autumn themed work. We created interesting colours.

In Science we planted daffodil bulbs and hopefully in the spring we will have lovely flowers. We enjoyed playing board games. It was great  fun playing chess and Snakes and Ladders.