School Calendar


Welcome to Mrs. Warren’s class!

Take a look at what we got up to this year.

December was a great month for our class. We enjoyed Table quizzes and playing a variety of board games. Our favourite game was Connect 4. We invited pupils from other classes to our room for games and fun. We had great chats about what we were looking forward to about Christmas and ways we could be kind to one another. We met Santa and his helpful elf. We all received a selection box.

Our classroom was decorated for Christmas which we enjoyed doing. In art we painted reindeers, snowmen, and a snowy Christmas window. It was a month filled with fun and joy.


We had a very busy month. Our school collected Christmas boxes to give to the Christmas Shoebox Appeal. We gave four boxes from our class.

Our class enjoyed integration this term. We practiced yoga with Ms. Wadding’s class. Pupils from Ms. Wadding’s class visited our room over the month. Pupils played board games, took part in oral language activities and SPHE. Everyone chatted and shared their thoughts on their favourite day.


October was a busy month for our class. During this month we had Maths week and we also learned about Halloween. We enjoyed reading fun stories about Wanda Witch. We carved pumpkins and decorated our classroom. We went on a walk to Huntington Castle dressed in our costumes. Thankfully the weather stayed dry. We also created lovely Artwork and designed our own haunted
house scene. Staff also dressed up and looked scary.

During Maths week our class attempted to solve word problems. We also worked on Halloween themed problems in class. We had great fun
during this month


September was a busy month in our classroom. We enjoyed nature walks, baking and art activities. We picked apples from our apple tree on the school grounds. They tasted delicious, we also observed wildlife as part of our SESE learning. We identified butterflies and a grey heron that came to visit.

As part of Science, we looked for the early signs of Autumn in the school grounds. We used checklists to identify types of leaves and trees we
have growing in our school environment.

During September, we enjoyed baking activities. We measured the ingredients carefully when making cupcakes and Rice Crispy buns. They
were very tasty. We had great fun following the instructions.

In Maths, we explored shape and created shape pictures. We worked together to build and create different structures as part of our learning.