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Welcome to Mrs. O’Meara’s class!

Welcome to junior infants where our learning journey is just beginning! 

There are 14 of us in total and we are excited for the year to come, for the friendships we will make, for the experiences that lay ahead and for to show everyone the amazing learners that we know we will grow to be.


June has been a month packed full of revision and consolidating our learning from the year but most importantly it has been a time for spending together and building friendships.
We have had so many wonderful experiences from trying out new activities during Active Week, Sports Day, the Ice cream Van, school tour to Kia Ora Farm where despite the weather we had so much fun. We enjoyed our surprise class trip to the wonderful hidden treasure that is the woodland playground at Huntington Castle and everything in between.
Throughout this month we have reflected on how far we have come from our very first day in Junior Infants to being the mature knowledgeable role models that we are, ready to take on Senior Infants. In doing so we highlighted the importance of the friendships we have built along the way and the memories we have made.
We are very proud of ourselves and are excited to see what lies ahead after a well-deserved summer holiday with our families!
Thank you for a wonderful year, Junior Infants of 2024/2025.


May has been jam packed with lots of activities and outdoor
We celebrated Europe day with a parade to the Huntington Castle showing off our colours, namely Ireland, Spain and Germany.
In PE John has been teaching us the skills involved in Tag rugby including the Haka!  We have also been fortunate enough to have Ita coach and teach us basketball skills.  Skipping has been great fun this month too as well as athletic skills such as running, jumping and relays.
We spent a lot of time developing our art skills this month with a variety of mediums including drawing with pencils. We created beautiful puffins following reading an Irish picture book, “Cá bhfuil an Puifín Beag?” We learned how to create amazing prints using shaving foam and food colouring and print using vegetables and corks. We created collages of space using stickers and chalk pastels. We even teamed up with Senior Infants and to use our clipboards and to draw outdoors.
We teamed up with Senior Infants for lots of activities this month including PE, reading, playtime, art and topped it off with a well deserved movie time treat! We cannot wait to see what the last month of Junior Infants brings!


We were straight back into work for term three after our Easter Holidays. 

We spent lots of time learning about the life cycle of a butterfly and had a lot of fun after reading the story “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle. 

We created a classroom board depicting the life cycle of a butterfly. 

In art we created stained glass butterflies, magic butterflies though symmetry and caterpillars through the use of construction materials and paint. We used playdough at the creative station in Aistear to create scenes from the story and depict the life cycle of a butterfly. 

We teamed up with senior infants to create an active version of the life cycle as we first constructed caterpillars, then used tissue to wrap our partners in cocoons before breaking free and creating butterflies using snacks! We even got to eat our butterflies! What a tasty treat! 

In maths this month we have been doing a lot of learning with numicon. We have been developing our number skills through adding and ordering. We really enjoy using our interactive white board to practice our skills. 

We have had so much fun doing all these activities along with so much more learning this month. 


March has been packed full of exciting activities and learning. We were
fortunate to have Ms Byrne join us and we really enjoyed all the learning
opportunities that she brought with her. We learned about healthy eating. We learned how to recognise healthy and unhealthy foods. We even made a large food pyramid in class!
We read lots of fairy tales this month. We explored how to build houses after reading the Three Little pigs and we also created a collage of three little houses.
In Maths we learned about Capacity and just how full or empty those bowls of porridge were after Goldilocks paid a visit to the three bears!  These stories inspired our role play area where we created our own puppet show.
Gaeilge was a big part of this month as we celebrated Seachtain na Gaeilge. We ended the week with Lá Glas and a Céilí. We performed our dán, “Bogha Báistí” and our Irish dance “An Rince Mór”. We loved performing and watching the other classes too.
Ms Byrne had a lovely treat in store for us on her last day where she brought two baby chicks in to visit us after learning about the life cycle of a hen. We looked after and fed the chicks. We even got to name them, Penny and Dearg!
We are looking forward to our Easter Holidays for a well earned rest and


Spring and The Vet have been our themes this month. We have completed lots of Spring activities including a Spring Scavenger Hunt to the castle where we searched for Spring items on our checklist.
We made Spring flowers in art and learned about the story of a seed in SESE where we had the opportunity to plant vegetables in our vegetable tray in the classroom. We also identified the different parts of a flower in Science and conducted a Science experiment.
During Aistear we made lots of nice things at the creative station and we worked at the Farm shop and the Veterinary clinic in role play.
Music was very interesting this month. We explored percussion instruments at music stations in class and also we made our own music shakers!
We have been learning lots of things in Gaeilge but our favourite was “Bia” where we got to have a teddy bear picnic with our favourite teddy bear! We even got to eat some yummy treats!
We cannot forget one of the highlights of this month which was of course Pancake Tuesday! We made our very own pancakes and enjoyed them for breakfast in school! We spoke Gaeilge the entire time and learned lots of new
words and phrases! Bhaineamar taitneamh as!


The year has gotten off to a busy start in the Junior room. Music Generation has been teaching us great skills. We are learning to sing in groups and in rounds and we just love all the fun activities we do!
Our theme this month was Africa and we have really enjoyed learning all about it!  We looked at some wonderful crafts all the way from Africa and found its location on the globe.
In Science we sorted animals into categories and labelled the different parts of an elephant. We followed this up by painting elephants in Art.
Also, in Art we created lions using fabric and fibre, made masks and created our own jewellery for our market stall in Aistear. It has been a very creative month in our classroom.
In Maths we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. We have completed lots of shape hunts around the classroom and sorting activities.
It has been a busy start to the year in our class and we are really looking forward to February as we prepare to welcome lots of Grandparents into our class!


December started with lots of rehearsals and singing with our Christmas Concert. It was such an amazing and enjoyable experience. We were so busy we even forgot to take many photos! 

We enjoyed a lovely walk to the castle on Christmas jumper day when we looked very festive! 

We also squeezed in lots of learning. In PE we developed our dance moves. In maths, we have been working on our number skills. In Aistear we worked in Santa’s workshop wrapping and preparing gifts for his sleigh and we also created a Christmas puppet show! In construction we built Santa’s presents for the sleigh. In small world, we created a Christmas village. We Created Christmas scenes with playdough and made beautiful Christmas cards at the creative station. 

We teamed up with Ms Wadding’s to create some Christmas collages in cutting and sticking skills. We love working with the older children who are great role models. 

One of our favourite parts of December was our Christmas Dinner. We made our own pizzas and cookies and enjoyed a festive dinner with our friends in front of the fire listening to Christmas music!

What an amazing term this has been, learning and getting to know our new friends. We wonder what adventures the next term will bring. 


This month has been so busy in our classroom practising and preparing for our Christmas Play. We managed to squeeze in lots of learning and exciting  activities also!
Our school collected shoeboxes for the Shoebox Appeal and there were lots collected in our classroom. What a lovely thing to do for others at Christmas time!
Our theme this month was “The Doctor”. We did a lot of learning about what happens at the Doctor or if we have to take a trip to the hospital. We had so much fun, particularly during Aistear where we got to build hospital buildings in the construction area. In Small World we created a hospital with patients and ambulances. At the creative station we used our playdough to create pictures and each of us created a doctor’s bag in a cutting and sticking
activity. Our favourite station was the role play station where we had to attend the Doctor’s surgery. Patients were treated for all sorts of ailments but all was well and everyone recovered!
In Science we learned all about our bodies and created a Science experiment to observe how veins transport our blood around our body. A very important job!
In History we learned about “The Lady Of The Lamp” Florence Nightingale.
In Gaeilge we took care of “Teidí Beag Álainn”.
We developed our ball handling skills in basketball during PE where we got to team up with the senior pupils.
We also teamed up with the senior pupils in buddy reading.
We really enjoyed this month and we are so excited to continue working on our Christmas play before our big performances next month. We look forward to all that Christmas has to bring!


This month we celebrated Maths Week. We teamed up with Ms Hayden’s class to complete maths activities in groups. We also completed some of our own  maths activities including sorting tasks and a maths trail around our school grounds.
We have been learning through the theme “The Farm” this month. We discussed lots of types of farming and different aspects of farming including safety on the farm. We focused on dairy farming and learned all about the  journey of milk from “Grass to Glass” including pasteurising and the French Scientist responsible for discovering this process, Louis Pasteur.
In Science we tested out the benefits of using electricity to conduct household tasks and compared them to completing them manually by making homemade butter using an electric whisk and by shaking it in a jar. Of course we needed to try it out then, so we made home made brown bread and ate some topped with our beautiful butter! Yum!
In PE we have focused on Yoga for relaxation and we also developed our basketball skills.
We have been on many nature walks around the school but our favourite walk of all was our Halloween Walk to Huntington Castle. We dressed up in all our spooky costumes!


September has been a great month of settling in and getting to know each other in the Junior Infant classroom. We are working really hard and already showing a great love of Gaeilge and Art among other things! We love to play together and we are working really hard on learning how to take part in group play!
Autumn and Family have been our main focus this month and we really enjoyed learning about the colours of Autumn. We learned how to mix colours in Art and used this new skill in creating Autumn leaves for our Autumn display. We have been learning a poem about an Autumn animal, “The Hedgehog”. We created and painted our very own hedgehogs using clay and matchsticks!
We learned about all the colours in our storybook “Elmer” and created a beautiful display celebrating our differences, displayed in our school corridor.  We love to use playdough to create. We have also been using it to practise making letters as well as taking part in “Playdough Disco” which is so much fun!

We are really looking forward to seeing what the next month brings!