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In keeping with Department of Education guidelines, the school is managed by a Board of Management, responsible for the governance of the school.

It is renewed every four years, with the last election in 2019.  The last term of office began on 1st December 2019. All procedures have been followed in line with the new Governance Manual for Primary Schools 2019-2023.

Deirdre Coleman
Alexander Durdin Robertson
Fr. Pat Hughes
Margaret Doyle
Paul Doyle
Nick Roberts
Irene O’Brien
Mary Gallagher
Margaret Doyle
Deirdre Coleman
Irene O’Brien
St. Brigid’s N.S. Board of Management  Agreed Report 19/04/2023

1.       Peace Proms Success

2.      New Book Scheme for September

3.      First Communion preparation underway

4.     RSE Lessons completed 24th February

5.      Parents’ Council very active in their support of school

6.      Gaelbratach initiative underway





St. Brigid’s N.S. Board of Management  Agreed Report 08/02/2023

1.        SPHE/ RSE day will be in February

2.       Ethos- Grandparents Day, very successful

3.       Children, parents and staff looking forward to Communion in May

4.      3 Policies Ratified, Emergency Closures, Administration of Medicine, Work Experience Policy






St. Brigid’s N.S. Board of Management  Agreed Report 07/12/2022

1. Cost of Living Grant

2. Parents’ Council met with Chairperson and Principal

3. July Provision- Staffing has commenced but will depend on any Summer Works in school.

4. Review of Anti Bullying Policy this year.

5. School Carol Service will take place on 14/12/22 at 7pm. We wish everyone a safe and Happy Christmas.

6. HSE have contacted the school via email regarding the increase in Streptococcus (Strep A).

St. Brigid’s N.S. Board of Management  Agreed Report 29/09/2022

1. The Sensory Room is fully complete.

2. Summer Provision was a big success.

3. Welcome to our new teachers Ms. Deegan & Ms. Wadding.

4.Welcome back to our returning teacher, Mrs O Meara.

St. Brigid’s N.S. Board of Management Annual Agreed Report 15/06/2022

1. The B.O.M of St. Brigid’s N.S. acknowledge the success of managing
Covid 19 in the school. Some days there was a 25% depletion of staff.
2. Five new Donview interactive boards were purchased for five
mainstream rooms. This has been of huge benefit to the children and their teachers.
3. The crest at the front of the school was created.
4. Some new teaching resources have been purchased such as a new
English scheme called Over the Moon. Also, games for classrooms, storage
equipment in the Infant room, PE padding on the basketball court, other PE
resources, positive affirmation signs, a height chart and Yoga and Mindfulness.
5. Fencing was completed on our back playground and an area of artificial
grass was installed.
6. A Sensory Room was created with all children having access to it. It will open during Summer Provision 2022.
7. A new website was developed and launched during the academic year 2021/2022.
8. Many thanks to our active Parents’ Council for their continued support and
involvement within the school.
9. Mrs Ryan retired.
10. The school is undertaking a review of some policies.
11. The Code of Behaviour, Remote Teaching and Learning policy was ratified as was the School Tour Policy.
12. The Admission Notice went up before Christmas and the Admission to School process opened on 13/1/22.

13. We welcomed Mrs. Yvonne Longe to our staff in September 2021

St. Brigid’s N.S. Board of Management Agreed Report 27/04/2022
  1. Mrs. Ryan retiring.
  2. School is undertaking review of polices.
  3. Remote Teaching and Learning policy ratified.
St. Brigid’s N.S. Board of Management Agreed Report 09/02/2022
  1. Congratulations to staff, pupils and parents on keeping the school running so safely and well during Covid-19.
  2. The new website has been launched.
  3. New whiteboards will be purchased for five classrooms.
  4. Board is in the process of reviewing/finalising the Code of Behaviour policy.
St. Brigid’s N.S. Board of Management Agreed Report 15/12/2021
  1. The Board of Management are aware of the challenges of Covid19 and how it has impacted all stakeholders in our school community.
  2. Parents are reminded to keep children at home if they develop symptoms.
  3. There is a substitute shortage at present, with some days 25% depletion of staff.
  4. Stay safe over Christmas.
  5. The B.O.M. would like to thank the Parents’ Council for their support, especially for their efforts with our recent school raffle.
  6. The Admissions process is open on 13/1/22. An admissions notice will be posted before Christmas on the old and new website during the transition period.
  7. The new website will go live in the New Year.