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In keeping with Department of Education guidelines, the school is managed by a Board of Management, responsible for the governance of the school.

It is renewed every four years, with the last election in 2019.  The last term of office began on 1st December 2019. All procedures have been followed in line with the new Governance Manual for Primary Schools 2019-2023.

Deirdre Coleman
Alexander Durdin Robertson
Fr. Pat Hughes
Margaret Doyle
Paul Doyle
Nick Roberts
Irene O’Brien
Mary Gallagher
Margaret Doyle
Deirdre Coleman
Irene O’Brien
St. Brigid’s N.S. Board of Management Agreed Report 27/04/2022
  1. Mrs. Ryan retiring.
  2. School is undertaking review of polices.
  3. Remote Teaching and Learning policy ratified.
St. Brigid’s N.S. Board of Management Agreed Report 09/02/2022
  1. Congratulations to staff, pupils and parents on keeping the school running so safely and well during Covid-19.
  2. The new website has been launched.
  3. New whiteboards will be purchased for five classrooms.
  4. Board is in the process of reviewing/finalising the Code of Behaviour policy.
St. Brigid’s N.S. Board of Management Agreed Report 15/12/2021
  1. The Board of Management are aware of the challenges of Covid19 and how it has impacted all stakeholders in our school community.
  2. Parents are reminded to keep children at home if they develop symptoms.
  3. There is a substitute shortage at present, with some days 25% depletion of staff.
  4. Stay safe over Christmas.
  5. The B.O.M. would like to thank the Parents’ Council for their support, especially for their efforts with our recent school raffle.
  6. The Admissions process is open on 13/1/22. An admissions notice will be posted before Christmas on the old and new website during the transition period.
  7. The new website will go live in the New Year.