School Calendar


The Green Schools programme requires involvement from the whole school community and the wider community in order to protect the environment for future generations. We all play a part in recycling, saving energy and conserving water.

For its successful implementation, a Green Schools Committee with representatives of pupils and teachers was elected to ensure we are doing everything we can to stay green. They meet at lunch break once a month to discuss all matters green.

Our Green Schools Committee have been working hard towards our Global Citizenship: Litter and Waste flag. They have been encouraging their peers to bring home all of the waste from their lunch boxes each day as we try to reduce our school waste.

The committee will continue to review our progress as a school and to raise awareness about the issue of litter and waste in our local environment and in the wider world.

Committee Members
  • Eimear (1st Class)
  • Finn (2nd Class)
  • Aoibheann (3rd Class)
  • Darcy (4th Class)
  • Farrah (5th Class)
  • Fionn (6th Class)