School Calendar


Science is probably one of the most popular subjects on the school curriculum.  It is very “hands on” and the children enjoy questioning, predicting, investigating, experimenting, estimating, measuring, analysing, classifying, sorting and recording.
Every year since 2008, our school has received a Discover Primary Science and Maths Award in recognition of the work done in both these subjects.

Teachers are very enthusiastic about this award as it recognises the high standard of the work they do in their classrooms in these subject areas. To be eligible for an award, the school has to engage in an extensive range of activities and provide evidence that the children have


  • been involved in hands-on science experiments.
  • organised or attended a science event.
  • used technology as part of their school work.
  • investigated engineering in class or in the local area.
  • used their maths skills as part of their science work.
Science Day and Engineers Week

As part of our yearly application for the Discover Primary Science and Maths Award we hold an annual Science Day. On this day the children can bring their pets to school. Parents are invited to the school to listen to the children talk about their projects. This is wonderful for oral language development and confidence building. Engineers Week gives the children an opportunity to learn about the work of engineers and perhaps to inspire some of them to think of becoming the engineers of the future.