School Calendar


Besides the larger annual activities at St. Brigid’s National School, we also have smaller annual activies and occasional events worth mentioning.
13th June 2019: Publication Date School Magazine

The school magazine is important as it allows the children to publish their own written work – fulfilling curriculum aims. It is also an excellent fund raiser – bringing in €800 to €1000 each year. This money is used to purchase resources for classrooms. The publication date for this school year is dependent on senior pupils getting advertising and bringing it in before 3 June 2019. We cannot accept it any later than this date and publication of the Magazine will be canceled if necessary.

27th January to 2 February 2019: Catholic Schools Week

During Catholic Schools Week we will have a special Mass in St. Brigid’s Church on Saturday 2 February at 6.30pm – date to be confirmed. The school choir will be performing during Mass. And children will be involved in choir, readings, prayers and offertory procession. Please have the children wear their school uniform. All are invited.

16th November 2018: Used Clothes Collection

If you are tidying out your presses and making more space, please consider donating your unwanted items to our Used Clothes Collection. The collection will take place on Friday 16 November. Please have all items, tied plastic bags, in the school before 9.30 am.

You can donate all your clean, unwanted clothes, shoes, belts, bags, soft toys, and household textiles i.e. curtains, towels, and bed linen. Wearable clothes will be recycled and re-used and other items will be recycled for items, such as, industrial wipes or soundproofing. The following will not be collected: laptops, mobile phones, mats, duvets, pillows, carpets, dirty/wet clothing, and books. Thank you for your support and taking the time and effort to support our fundraising drive.