School Calendar


We consider music and dance to be very important for the development of a child. At St. Brigid’s National school it is taught all through the year. Children are introduced to music reading and writing, to song singing and to playing classroom instruments.

There is a lot of singing involved on all our celebration days, in our school concerts and every second year we have a Christmas Carol service. Our school choir sings at all Church ceremonies during the year. Furthermore, we cover the dance strand of the PE curriculum after Christmas and children learn some traditional Irish dances for Seachtain na Gaeilge each year. Once a week there are Irish Dancing lessons in the local Parish Hall immediately after school. And all pupils from first class and up learn how to read notes and play the recorder.

9 February 2019: Peace Proms for senior classes

The senior classes of our school will participate in the 2019 Peace Proms, to take place on Sunday 9 February 2019 in WIT Sports Arena, Waterford.

30 May 2018: Music Generation Concert

Our annual Music Generation Concert was held on Wednesday 30th May at 7.00pm in St. Brigid’s Church, Clonegal. The Music Generation initiative provides vocal training for all classes. Every pupil in the school was involved and it is a showcase of the work they have done with Anita during the year. It was a wonderful night. The money raised goes towards paying for Music Generation classes next year.

24 May 2018: Vocal Workshop

A “Vocal Workshop” for third class and up was organised by Music Generation in the George Bernard Shaw Theatre on the 24th of May.