School Calendar


As part of Catholic Schools Week we celebrate Grandparents Day to honour the importance of grandparents in the lives of the children.

 This has become one of our favourite celebrations of the year and the children really look forward to bringing their grandparents into the school. The memories they share with the children are real history and the children learn from them.

30th January 2019

This school year we will celebrate Grandparents Day on Wednesday 30 January. It commences with a blessing in the Church at 1.00pm. Grandparents then come to the school and talk to the children in the various classes. They enjoy a chat together and a cup of tea afterwards. This is a really interesting day for the children as grandparents’ memories are history for them.

31st January 2018

Grandparents Day was celebrated on Wednesday 31 January 2018. The afternoon began at 12.40pm in the Church where the grandparents received a blessing. They were then invited over to the school to visit the classrooms and share their memories and stories. After spending some time talking to the children and answering their questions, they enjoy a nice cup of tea and reminisced with the other grandparents.