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At St. Brigid’s National School we strive to develop all areas of our pupil’s education, including working digitally. In an ever-growing technological world, it is increasingly important to develop skills in ICT.

Each pupil is exposed to various types of digital technologies such as laptops on our laptop trolley, digital cameras, class visualisers, interactive whiteboards/screens, iPads and more. In using these it is also important to teach the pupils safe use in which we use resources such as and Stay Safe programme. We use these as part of our learning, to help us access the wider world of information and also to communicate with the wider world outside our school.

Digital Schools Award

Our school website is a great example of this and how we keep in touch with our community. It provides a link between us and our families and local community. We are always trying to improve our learning and skills and have recently been named a Digital School of Distinction for our efforts. We are extremely proud of this.

In 2018, we received the Digital Schools Award. We are very proud of this achievement.