School Calendar


Christmas is a very busy time in our school. Classrooms are decorated and the school crib is erected in the front hall. The sound of carol singing can be heard from every classroom. Pupils are busy making their calendars to help raise funds.

 Wearing santa hats, we all enjoy our Annual Christmas Walk to Huntington Castle. Santa pays us a visit on the day of the holidays and it is a really festive occasion. Each year we also have a very special Christmas celebration – either a concert in St. Brigid’s Hall or a Carol Service in St. Brigid’s Church. We alternate these two events and both are always very well supported by parents and the local community. The children look forward to the excitement they bring.

21 December 2019: Santa visits our school

On the morning of the Christmas holidays Santa found time to visit our school. He was joined by his helper Ciara and all the kids were be able to meet them in Santa’s grotto and receive a selection box. A great and exciting ending to the school term.

11 December 2018 at 7pm: Christmas Carol Service in St. Brigid’s Church

The pupils of St. Brigid’s N.S. will be performing in a Carol Service in St. Brigid’s Church on Tuesday 11th December at 7pm.It is always a very meaningful and enjoyable way for pupils to prepare for Christmas. The teachers have put a lot of work into preparing for it and our pupils are really excited to perform for you. We would love to see you there and please, do invite as many people as possible to come along.

Pupils are asked to arrive at the Church at 6.45pm. Pupils are asked to wear a red polo-shirt and a Santa hat. Ms. Abbey’s class should arrive in costume as they will be acting out the nativity. Parents are asked to be seated in advance of the Carol Service which will start at 7pm sharp. There will be a donation bucket at the door of the Church and it has been decided that the proceeds will go towards some playground markings on the school yard. Some of the donations will go towards a local charity. The local charity has yet to be decided but a presentation will be made at an assembly before the holidays.