School Calendar


The Visual Arts programme is always a very enjoyable part of our school curriculum. There are several strands in the programme: Drawing, Paint & Colour, Print, Clay, Construction and Fabric & Fibre. We want our pupils to have a love and an appreciation of art and to be able to respond to art work from all the strands of our curriculum.

We regularly organise art competitions in the school to encourage the children to produce their best work. The Green Schools Committee, the Active Schools Committee and the Students Council use these competitions to awaken interest in their areas. Pupils from the school also enter several art competitions every year – both local and national. Over the years we have had many winners in these competitions.

2019-2020 Junior Art Club

Our Second Junior Art Club has finished and was a huge success. We were delighted to see so many new junior infants attending. The children burst into Art club each evening full of excitement! It is great to see such talented artists in our school. Have a look at our pictures. Each week we created one or two new pieces. We created clay animals, as well as fish bowls. We made our own treasure boxes and decorated them! The six weeks flew by and we look forward to perhaps another art club next year!

November 2018: Winners Credit Union Poster Competition

The local Credit Union organised an Poster Competition ‘The Force of Nature’ for schools. We are delighted that Ben Priestley came second in his section of this regional competition. Bunclody Credit Union presented the awards on 5 December 2018. A great achievement!

2018-2019 Junior Art Club

Much to the excitement of our younger pupils, Junior Art Club has begun. The pupils really enjoyed week one. We listened to music as we were split into two groups. One group made clay pumpkins while the others created lions by both drawing and painting! When we had finished we switched groups! At the end of art club pupils were encouraged to pick out their favourite pieces of art from the day. What an enjoyable evening we all had! The week after we created snowmen using paint! We also created a field of poppies using chalk pastels and our fingerprints! Have a look at our creations. Our fourth junior art club was great fun. The group made zebras in the jungle as well as pastel monsters !! Have a look at our great work!

2018-2019 Senior Art Club

During the first week of October our Senior Art Club made clay monsters. They learned about the importance of using a key when putting clay together! They also made silhouettes using light and shadows. Have a look! In week 2 we painted our clay monsters – we gave them a coat of white paint. We also came up with ideas for drawing monsters – we sketched four monsters, outlined them and will colour them in oil pastels. We also made the background for our lollipop stick silhouette scenes! Wait until you see our finished product. In week 3 we painted our clay monsters. We learned that when we paint clay it is important not to use too much water. We created a base for these monsters to sit on. These look brilliant at the front of our school!

In week 4 we painted our backgrounds for our silhouettes – we did this on both lollipop sticks and on card. This are going to look brilliant- some people even used a marker to make the silhouettes. Others had to wait until their paint dried. We finished our oil pastel monsters and they look brilliant! When the Senior Art club was finished, we had a great six weeks. On our last day we painted on canvas using acyclic paint! Take a look at the end result!