School Calendar


Welcome to Mrs. Warren’s class!

Take a look at what we got up to this year.

We had great fun in May. It was a busy month for our school. Confirmation took place on the 6th of May. It was a great day with Bishop Nulty reading some of letters out in church.

The weather was nice in May, so we had the opportunity to have a picnic at the River Slaney. We made buns with Ms. Redmond the day before our picnic. They were delicious. The next day we made sandwiches and had cream crackers as part of our picnic treats.

Our yard has also been partly resurfaced with new green Astro turf. We enjoyed the touch and feel of it and had a great time playing game on it.

Our River Walks have been great fun and towards the end of May we had the opportunity to visit the river. We were very lucky to see a family of ducklings with the mother duck.

We have worked on learning about animals that live under the sea. We have been studying Sharks and learning some interesting facts about these amazing creatures.

We continue to enjoy playing board games and interactivity this month. Recently we enjoyed playing Jenga. We managed to build a really high Jenga tower before it collapsed!


We did lots of things during April including some fun Easter work. 

Before we went on our Easter holidays we made some chocolate Easter egg nests. We melted the chocolate in the microwave and put it in a bun case with some little eggs in it. That was great fun and scrumptious too.

After Easter, we went on many walks to the river. It was a little warm, but sometimes, it was a little cold. At the river, we saw swans and fish jumping out of the water.

We planted wildflowers in the school gardens. It was also known as biodiversity. Very new.

We painted Easter eggs on a canvas. Great!

We are also preparing for our Confirmation. We went to special masses at the Church and we learned new prayers.


This month we did a lot of cooking and baking. We made our own homemade pizzas. Mrs. Redmond also guided us in making very tasty lemon drizzle cake. It was delicious. We followed the recipe very carefully and mixed everything using a variety of utensils. On Pancake Tuesday we made small but tasty pancakes. We used a waffle maker to make Pancake waffles as well. For St Patrick’s Day we created poems and a lucky Rainbow painting with our own handprint for art. We wore green and enjoyed céilí dancing in the front of the school. With the lovely weather we went for river walks and visited the River Derry. We are learning about river animals. We saw a kingfisher, fish, ducks, two swans, a grey heron and a water hen. We had a nice rest at the start of the Wicklow Way Park.


This month our class created our own comic books. This was very enjoyable. Students learned about the life of Christopher Reeve who played Superman. Pupils read each other’s comics. New superheroes were created! Print and Spring was our class theme for Art in February. Pupils created beautiful spring flowers using a variety of print making tools. In Geography pupils learned about mountains of Ireland. It was great fun using research tools for this topic. We used our atlas and Google maps to explore Ireland’s highest peaks. Our class studied Mount Everest and the impact of climate change on our world. In Music every Wednesday a guitar teacher shows us in how to play the guitar. Our class enjoys working together and learning from each other.


We had great fun this month. We enjoyed making jigsaws. We also learned about shops in Ireland from the past. We designed our own shops using recyclable materials. In Maths we explored 3D shapes in our environment. We constructed a variety of shapes using magnetic 2D shapes. Each week we fed our fish in our school pond. We were thrilled when pupils won prizes in the Credit Union Art Competition. Some of our pupils also made it through to the regional rounds. Well done!


We completed lots of  Christmas art this month. We  created wonderful Red Robins, Snowflakes and Arctic foxes to name but a few. We can’t wait for Santa to Come. We are working really hard in class.


We had a Christmas Jumper Day at the end of November to collect money for a cow to send to Africa. We had great fun and our school raised enough money for a cow! We wore bright and colourful jumpers. We also learned about the Polar Regions and about a variety of Polar animals including the penguin.


We had great fun in October getting ready for Halloween. We learned about Halloween shapes and read spooky stories. Our favourite book was all about Winnie the Witch. We dressed up and walked to Huntington Castle before our Midterm Break. We designed and painted pumpkins too. Some of us were also making our First Holy Communion this month.


Our class had a busy month settling in. We started our GAA training. We had great fun getting to know one another. We also learned about Autumn animals, plants and trees this month. We picked apples from our school Garden. In Maths we studied all about shapes, including 2D and 3D shapes. We looked for these in our environment.