School Calendar


Welcome to Ms. Cawley’s class!

It has been a busy but exciting start to our new school year and we’ve started with a flurry of exciting activities. We have been getting to know each other, settling into our new classroom, and using a lot of the resources in our room to help us learn and play.

Junior infants learned all about fairy tales this month. Our book was about the puppet show and we learned the story of Little Red Riding Hood and how the Wolf may have actually been kind.  Ailbhe came and taught us a new song – we also worked on our body percussion with her.  This month we started our Stay Safe programme which teaches us about friendship and staying safe.  Take a look at our wolves but be careful not to get too close !!


Junior Infants were very busy this month. We learned the Hocaí Pocaí for Lá Glás. We made beautiful Mother’s Day cards. We were learning all about An Zú in Irish. In Maths we learned all about the number 5, we made number 5 using playdough and even wrote the numbers outside using chalk. Rob came for GAA and Ailbhe for Music Generation. We are learning the song Johnny taps with one hammer in Music Generation.


In our Maths we are continuing with our work on Number, learning all about number 4 and we have started working with the Numicon to develop our counting, sorting and ordering skills. We have also learned about 2-D shapes this month.

In Literacy we are busy learning all about the Veterinary Surgery and we have been working hard during Aistear using our new vocabulary.

Show and Tell was also very interesting and worked very well uploading our photographs onto Seesaw.

We are also learning all about the signs of Spring and we made fabulous Spring Shower paintings which are proudly displayed in the school hallway.


We are delighted to be back in school after a lovely Christmas break. We were straight back into work. We have been learning all about the primary and secondary colours, mixing shades and tones as well as mixing our own warm and cool colours. 

We have also begun Gymnastics in P.E. this month, working hard to improve our balance and developing our rolling skills. Videos of the rolls we are learning can be viewed at: in order to practice these skills at home. It’s been great fun for everyone including Ms. Cawley. 

We have been improving our blending skills using board games whilst also learning to take turns. 

In our Maths we have begun practising the skills of combining and partitioning sets so we have been using lots of concrete materials while doing so.


December as always is a special time in school and there’s a fabulous buzz in the Junior Infant classroom since our Christmas jumper day. We have also started to make our salt dough Christmas decorations which we will bring home just in time for Christmas and our well-deserved two-week break.


During November we worked on the theme of ‘The Hospital’. We started Aistear play sessions this month, using fantastic vocabulary to design, create, build and go into role, all of which was based on the hospital. Working as Scientists we examined what would happen to bones when left in water and vinegar. We also had our Parent Teacher meetings, the second year by phone.


In October we have kept up the swift pace, working quickly through our sounds and making lots of matching art including the /r/ rainbows. We also developed our gross motor skills this month enthusiastically practising some yoga moves. We finished up the month with our Halloween dress-up and walk to Huntington Castle.


September is always a busy month in the Infant Room, but with 30 boys and girls starting this year things got fairly hectic to say the least. We quickly settled in though, began to make some great friendships and worked hard to develop our fine motor skills. We have completed so many great activities including learning some new letter sounds, cave art based on the amazing ‘Cave Baby’ book by Julia Donaldson. We took lines for a walk to explore paint and colours. Our Music Generation lessons also started this month which we are thoroughly enjoying.