School Calendar

2021-2022 3rd, 4th & 5th CLASS

Welcome to Ms. Hayden’s class!

Take a look at what we got up to this year.

We are all delighted to be facing into the summertime now and this month we’ve been making the most of the fine days! The children have really been enjoying GAA and rugby coaching out on the pitch. The class also earned the reward of a picnic this month, so we brought our snacks to Huntington Castle to sit and eat in the sunshine. How lucky we are to have such a beautiful spot near our school!
This month the children also presented their research on Ancient Egypt. As always, we had some really wonderful presentations.
We also celebrated Europe Day on the 9th of May, carrying out research about different European countries.
One of our picture books this month was Joan Proctor; Dragon Doctor. Following the story, we completed our own reports about famed herpetologist Joan Proctor, and completed our own reptile inspired art work!
We are currently preparing songs for our Cruinniú na nÓg project, and we hope you’ll all be able to see the fruits of our work in early June!


April was a very quick month this year, but very exciting as we got ready for Easter! We learned about the Easter Story and all of the ceremonies that are celebrated during Easter week. The children did some fabulous Easter art projects, including some very cute little sock bunnies. We had an Easter Egg hunt and completed an Easter Maths challenge to win some chocolate prizes. We hope everyone had a very enjoyable Easter Break!


March has flown by but we’ve packed a lot in! Ms Hayden’s class having been exploring with mime and developing our drama skills. We also celebrated engineering week and learned about the vastness of the world of engineering today. We completed several engineering projects including designing and making paper creatures as well as engineering with dominoes!Our class have completed more art projects which we are very proud of, including some beautiful Van Gogh inspired sunflowers with Mrs. Gallagher. Seachtain na Gaeilge was a lot of fun. We prepared for our Lá Glas, learning Teir Abhaile Riú to perform for the school. We also researched some Irish celebrities and presented our reports to the class. We all had great fun dressing in our green, white and gold!


Ms. Hayden’s room have had another busy month. The children have been perfecting their skills in still-life drawing and have produced some beautiful pieces of artwork. This month we’ve been studying the Solar System and we made lovely 3D structures to help us to remember the planets.
The children also celebrated International Day of Women in Science by completing project work on Women in STEM. Their presentation skills are truly impressive.


It has been a busy month for Third, Fourth and Fifth class! The children completed some wonderful project work on Japan; Ms. Hayden was so impressed by how well they all presented their work! The children also recreated their versions of the famous Japanese artwork ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’, as well as some beautiful Japanese cherry blossoms.

The class learned about Martin Luther King Junior as we celebrated him on the 17th of January. They wrote all about the dreams that they have for the future of the world.

The class took part in a webinar for Optimism and Well-being. They created their own ‘optimism shields’ to remind them of all of the things that help them to feel positive and happy.

At the end of January, we celebrated Catholic Schools Week. This year’s theme was ‘Living Life to the Full’. The children made gratitude jars to remind them of all that they are grateful to God for.


This month, the children got in to the Christmas Spirit with some festive artwork. Their reindeers really brightened up the corridor. We also carried out a fun STEM activity, creating an emergency parachute for Santa! The children worked in pairs and made some very successful parachutes, which they tested out in the playground.


This month we did lots to celebrate Science Week! Fourth and Fifth class prepared projects for the Intel Mini Scientist competition, while Third class also presented their own Science projects to the class. As a class we designed our dream playgrounds! We also created our own mini catapults. Lastly, we looked at Gustav Klimt’s tree of life. The children designed their own trees and planted some grass seeds to make a very colourful display.


This month the children presented their projects about Mexico and the Aztecs. They also designed their own Aztec masks and created some Aztec Sun art using painting and weaving. We were all very excited about the Halloween celebrations and we really enjoyed our walk together to Huntington Castle!


The children were all delighted to be back in school this month! They settled in straight away and all three classes played happily together on the yard. We looked at maps of Clonegal and designed our own birds eye view maps. We also created some lovely surrealist art based on the work of Joan Miro. The children also began their projects on Mexico.