School Calendar

2021-2022 1st, 2nd & 3rd CLASS

Welcome to Ms.Longe’s class!

Take a look at what we got up to this year.

May was a very exciting month for Second Class. We started preparing for our First Holy Communion. We were learning songs and practising prayers. We went up to the Church frequently to prepare for the ceremony. The First and Third class were excellent. They were so well behaved in the Church. 

In Irish we learned ‘Lá ar an Trá’ and ‘Ceolchoirm na Scoile’. In Maths we revised all topics. In History we learned about ‘The Hearth’ and ‘Gráinne Mhaol’. In Geography we learned about ‘The Shopping Centre’. In art, we drew baby seals. We continued with our guitar lessons and football and rugby training. 

Second Class made their First Holy Communion on the 28th of May. It was a beautiful sunny day and they all looked lovely. They sang beautifully and said their prayers perfectly.


We had a student teacher teaching us in April. Her name was Ms. Kinsella and she taught us very interesting lessons. In English, she taught us about adverbs and adjectives. In Irish she taught us An Cháisc (Easter). In Geography we learned the story of Milk and the story of The Banana – from crop to shop. In Art we studied the work of Picasso. In Music we learned the song ‘I Love the Mountains’ and we continued with our guitar lessons. In Religion we learned about Easter. We had football and rugby training. 

On the day of the Easter holidays, we had an Easter Egg hunt. We went around the school looking for eggs. We all got an Easter egg. It was great fun.


We had a great March. We made pancakes for Shrove Tuesday. We had football with Rob.  We learned about St. Patrick’s Day and we learned the dance “The Walls of Limerick”. All the classes performed a dance and said some Irish poems and songs for Lá Glas. We studied magnets in science. We made bouquets and cards for Mother’s Day.


We learned all about St. Brigid in Religion. We coloured pictures of her magical cloak and stuck them into our Religion scrapbooks. We finished up Early Intervention English and commenced Early Intervention Maths. We have covered Weight and Capacity and we are currently working on Money and Length.

Second class are busy learning their prayers for First Penance and we had our first preparation mass on Saturday 19th February.

We are learning about Vikings in History. We continue to go to Music Generation Guitar lessons. We have learned four chords now!


First, Second and Third class were delighted to be back to school. We had a busy month. We learned about magnets in science. We did projects on a European country or an Irish animal. We had our guitar lessons with Paul from Music Generation. Fr Hughes visited us and told us about Catholic Schools Week and the importance of grandparents. Three children from our class were picked to be on the Green Schools Committee and one child was picked for the Student Council. We are looking forward to February and the start of Spring.


Our Christmas celebrations began on Toy Show day, when we wore our Christmas jumpers and colours to raise money for a  little girl in Uganda. We decorated our classroom. We are all looking forward to our Christmas holidays and a visit from Santa Claus!


In November, we remember all those who have gone to Heaven. We learned about All Saint’s and Soul’s Day. We did lots of art. We studied the work of Vincent Van Gogh and drew Sunflowers and Starry Night. We learned Irish poems. Paul from Music Generation came and we are so lucky to be learning the guitar. We now have our own guitar that we can take home!


This month we went on a nature walk to look at trees and seeds. We did leaf printing. Our class dressed up for Halloween. Take a look at our pictures!


All 27 pupils made their way into Mrs Austin’s class. We got a brand-new classroom and everyone was excited for the year ahead. September was a very busy month as we settled back into a routine. We got straight into all the curriculum subjects. Mrs Austin loves Gaeilge so we do a lot of that! Seamus the GAA coach came to teach us some football skills.