School Calendar

Students’ Council

Student council members for 2023/2024 are
1 st class: Aoibhe
2 nd class: Molly
3 rd class: Saoirse
4 th class: Kate
5 th class: Emily
6 th class: Michaels
Mrs Nolan’s class: Lucas

This year’s student’s council has been very busy. They have already had multiple meetings where the committee decided what they want to focus on for this term and have introduced themselves to the school.
Along with Laura and Abbey from the FCJ they informed the students of the shoe box appeal and showed examples of what to put inside a Christmas shoebox. On November 13th Abbey and Laura came to the school to collect the shoe boxes. The school made 105 shoeboxes for children in need. A
huge success.

The next two items to expect are the Christmas jumper day and the Christmas card competition which will happen in December.