School Calendar


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Welcome to Ms. O’Brien’s class!

Welcome to Senior Infants.  We are very fortunate to have a small class of thirteen children this year. We learn through play and having fun and our lessons are hands on. We love to read and write, count and sing. Aistear and play are a big focus in our classroom. Each month our play areas are based on different themes such as school, the café, camping etc. We get outside lots and even bring Aistear out there weather permitting. Drama, art and music are three subjects which we love, we try to incorporate these into other lessons too.  Our classroom is full of resources and books, toys and equipment. We will have such a great year!


This is our last month in Senior Infants. We are working very hard to have the most beautiful writing in First Class. We started a new book called Two Little Frogs. We love to read tricky stories from this book.

At the beginning of the month we took part in Active School Week, we had Dance lessons, Swap the Teacher, Boxercise and Basketball. Ms. Hayden took us for a PE lesson and we loved it.

The Ice Cream Van also paid a visit. We went to visit Kia Ora on the 13th June, it was a very wet day but as you can see from our pictures we had such great fun! The rest of the month was spent playing, learning and making memories with a trip to Huntington Castle Playground to finish off the year. We are
now ready for First Class.


Senior Infants in May is lots of fun, we try to go outside as much as possible in the fine weather. We learned about Magnetism and Electricity in Science. In English our books were about camping and in Irish we learned about An Turas Scoile agus An Lá Spóirt.

We created watering cans in Art and are  busy getting ready to enter the Tullow Show Handwriting competition. This is something we take part in each year. We have just finished up with homework for the year and are delighted with this.
We also learned that we are going on our school tour to Kia Ora Pet Farm.


We returned after Easter refreshed and ready for another busy term in school. This month we are taking part in Games during PE. We are lucky that John from Tullow Rugby comes out to train us. We had great fun playing tag rugby. This month we are learning all about the zoo and zoo animals. We created various different zoos in Aistear with Lego and mag snaps and made different areas in the zoo.

In art we created zebras and giraffes by drawing and painting. We listened to the story of the Rainbow Fish and used clay to create our own rainbow fish. We sang Daddy is Taking us to the Zoo Tomorrow and An Zú as Gaeilge for the whole school in assembly.

We listened to the Carnival of the Animals by composer Saint Saen during Music and moved how we felt the music represented various animals in the

IN SPHE we are working on Stay Safe our topic this month is bulling. We now know the rules of staying safe if we are been bullied or see someone being bullied.


March mayhem was the theme of the month as we were so busy in Senior Infants. We dressed up twice for Lá Glás and World Book Day. We became authors and illustrators of our own books on World Book Day. Each pupil brought in a book and we read a small snippet from each. Fifth and Sixth class came down for shared reading too.
March was also a time to celebrate Mother’s Day and St.Patrick’s Day so we did some lovely art. We learned all about how to take care of babies this month, we had two dolls visit the class and it was our job to look after them, bathe them and feed them. We learned the different parts of the body too.
This month Senior Infants also began the Stay Safe Programme and we are learning about our feelings and discussed times we feel safe and unsafe.
At the end of March we were ready to celebrate our Easter Holidays and maybe even take part in an Easter Egg Hunt. It is very hard to believe how fast the year has flown as we will be coming back to school in April for our last term in Senior Infants!


This was such a fast month as we celebrated St. Brigid’s Day,Grandparents Day and even had our midterm in the middle of the month.
We were lucky to have Ms. Byrne on teaching practice, we created beautiful pictures for Grandparents. We learned all about Spring on the farm too. We planted bulbs and examined what they need to grow. Have a look at our paper mâché puppets. We went on a Spring Nature Walk and looked for signs of Spring in our school garden, we found crocus’, daffodils and snowdrops.

In Maths we learned about sequencing the days of theweek, we based this on the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We learned all about looking after our environment, visiting the bottle bank in Clonegal and spoke about keeping our beautiful village clean.


We were all very excited coming back to school in January. It was a cold month and we focused on how to describe the weather in Irish.

Ms. Byrne joined us for teaching practice and taught us all about Magnets, Eadaí, and Toys in the past. We were very fortunate when Ms.Byrne brought in beautiful books to our classroom.

Kevin is now teaching us GAA skills. We look forward to this each Thursday. Our theme was Teddy Bears Picnic. Our strand for PE was Gymnastics. In Aistear we worked in a Toy Shop.

Look at our lovely pictures from the month. We look forward to welcoming
our Grandparents to school next week.


December began with a flurry of excitement as we put our performance of Ralph the Reindeer on stage. We were so excited to see our parents sitting in the audience. We really put a lot of hard work into our play. We performed again for our grandparents later in the week. Our classroom was full of elves, reindeer and Santa even made an appearance.

We filled the classroom with our winter and Christmas art. In Religion, we are learning all about the First Christmas. We learned to sing a song called Mary. Stephanie from Music Generation came and we made bells to go with our song Jingle Bell Rock. In SESE we learned all about the Innuits and the Antarctica, we created fact files based on Penguins. Aistear was great fun too, with areas such as the Antarctica in our tuff tray and an Inuit Village in our construction area.

In Irish, our theme was An Nollaig, we listened to stories, created pictures and even sang Jingle Bells in Irish. Each day we took a sweet from our Advent calendar and there was such excitement as the Advent doors left became less
and less.

The older classes came down to read us some Christmas Stories from our library which turned into a Christmas Library full of lovely Christmas books. We are looking forward to Santa’s arrival but we cannot wait to
come back in January for lots more fun!


Our theme this month was cold weather. We learned all about penguins living in the Antarctica and set up our own Antarctica in Aistear. We also learned about the Inuit People and looked at pictures which explored their homes, their way of life, transport and how theybuild igloos. Igloo is the Inuit word for home. Many years ago, Inuits were referred to as Eskimos. In Art we created Inuit people and Igloos, we used bricks to print blocks on our igloos.

We learned all about Aimsir in Irish. We have lots of phrases to describe these wet and windy days.

Our classroom was full of elves, reindeer and even Santa. We practiced for our
Christmas play at the beginning of December.

We visited the Church this month to remember all those who passed away. Dance was our Strand for PE this month, we learned to dance to the song ‘ Shoe the Donkey’ and made up a group dance.

In Maths we learned all about the story of eight, we used numicon lots when   number.


Our Classroom was decorated for Halloween. We created pumpkins, spiders and witches for Halloween. Our two readers were called The Witches Den and Halloween.

In Irish we learned all about Oíche Shamhna. We went to Dramaland to find the magic spell book and met Winnie the Witch.

In PE we worked on our ball handling skills, practicing throwing and catching, kicking and soloing. We learned all about our families in SESE and created a family picture.

In Maths we explored the number 6 and 7. We had lots of fun during Maths Week, the senior classes came down to our room and we worked on a Maths trail together. We cannot wait to dress up on Friday and go on our Witch Walk to Huntington Castle.


What a busy, fun month we have had. We have settled into our new classroom and our new routines. We have revised our sounds and letter formation. We have been busy counting up to ten and counting all kinds of items around the classroom, from teddy bears to camels. We used tennis balls to count, to write number and practice our throwing and catching, while also practicing our numbers.
We are learning all about Autumn and our school. Our teacher sent us on a hunt around of school, to look for different teachers and classrooms. We have loved painting in art and we made clay hedgehogs this month. We picked apples off a tree and used them for apple printing.

We have started Music Generation, we love to sing songs along with our teacher Ciara. We have started visiting Dramaland, we walked through the Magic Hoola Hoop and we ventured off through the forest.