School Calendar

May Marathon Challenge

The May Marathon Challenge will be held on the 26th of May. It will be a day of fun, community and a way to raise funds that will be invested in our playgrounds.
The amount raised will dictate what we purchase. The types of items we would
like are chalk and mirror boards, games such as hopscotch and tic tac toe
painted on the yard. There are other options too.

The main emphasis of this day will be fun, laughter and creating a sense of
community in the school. Every pupil will take part in the Marathon. Each step
will count towards the overall goal of 62,926 steps. A large feat we know but
together we can accomplish this. The Marathon will be timed and we hope to run this event yearly.

All money raised, items purchased with the funds, pictures and updates about
the day will be posted on the school website.

There are two ways to donate, each family will be given a sponsorship card and
more cards can be picked up at the school office. Alternatively, you can click
the link and donate on our idonate page.
Donations can be private just select the “Hide my name and photo from public
view” option when you donate.

Any support is appreciated
Míle buíochas!