School Calendar


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Welcome to Mrs. O’Meara’s class!

Take a look at what we got up to this year.

December has come and gone in a whirlwind of carol singing, Christmas art and activities as well as our usual learning and classroom activities. 

We have been working very hard preparing for our Carol Service which was a great success and we all enjoyed it very much. We had lots of fun practicing in the Church and hall and learning our LÁMH song “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer”. 

In Aistear we learned all about the Post Office and the journey of a letter. The Post Office is especially busy this time of year delivering letters to the North Pole and delivering parcels all over the world.  In role play we became part of the postal service and delivered packages and letters around the school once they had been sorted in the sorting area! 

In the construction area we put our design expertise to the test in designing and building suitable post boxes.  Postman Pat made an appearance in the small world area where we created a delivery service from the mail centre and delivered packages around the town. 

We especially enjoyed the Literacy/creative table where we each wrote our own letter, placed it in an envelope, addressed the envelope and posted it in our classroom post box. 

We read all about the postal service in our class readers in Senior Infants and also enjoyed the book “The Jolly Postman” by Janet and Allan Ahlberg.

 Art this month was really special. We loved creating Christmas pictures, drawings, colouring pages and especially our Chubby Little Snowmen that we made from white socks and rice!

We were busy taking part in colouring competitions and Christmas Card competitions and were delighted to hear that one of our two class winners Billy was awarded a highly commended prize in the overall school competition. Well done!

We teamed up with Ms Hayden,s class this month for some buddy reading. It was so exciting to have the senior pupils come to our room and read stories from our library with us. We can’t wait to do it again!

Along with all these activities we have loved learning and showing our class elf “Sprinkles” just how wonderful we are.

We are looking forward to Christmas now and spending some time with our families and already looking forward to seeing all our friends again in the new year!

Nollaig Shona Dhiaibh!


Our theme for the month of November was “People Who Help Us”. We focused in particular on the hospital and the Fire Station.  Aistear was full of imagination and fun. In role play, we pretended to work as Doctors and Nurses looking after our sick patients waiting in the waiting room! We also had a chance to get into character as heroes when we created scenes at the FireStation. We dressed as firefighters and responded to emergency situations before jumping aboard our fire engine to save the day! Meanwhile in construction we created buildings that would catch fire and require the roleplay department to attend! The creative table had the chance to play dice games, colour pictures and create items using playdough. In small world, we used our imaginations to create scenes of accidents and attend the  local hospital where the people were looked after by Doctors, Nurses and other staff.  We also had the chance to create scenes of fires and accidents and respond from our small world fire station using our town map and emergency vehicles.
In other subjects this month, we had a great experience learning how to waltz. We partnered up and learned to perform our 1, 2, 3 step!
Teidí Beag Álainn got some much-needed attention in Gaeilge! Bhí timpiste aige! We gave him some plasters and sent him to bed!
Focusing on the print strand of the Art Curriculum, we made some wonderful art pieces this month, using our handprints we created x-rays and we used vegetable printing to create fires for firefighters to put out.
In Maths we are continuing to learn our numbers and we also spent a lot of time learning about 2D and 3D shapes. We searched for shapes in the environment, explored each shape, tested if they could roll or stack and sorted them into groups.
We are very excited to see what December brings!


October has been a very busy month in the Junior and Senior Infant room. We have learned and explored so much particularly through Aistear. Working with our farm theme, we had so much fun creating Drama in our role play area, the “The Farm Shop” We displayed great team work in our construction and small world areas, here we had to build farm sheds, buildings and pens for the animals. In the small world area, they were busy working at the farm house
and getting the animals into their correct enclosures. The creative table were busy writing shopping lists for the farm shop and creating masterpieces using playdough.
Working under the theme “The Witches’ Den ” we had a lot of fun in the role play area creating a cave full of spells and potions. The construction area was filled with witches’ caves and hideouts while the small world area set about creating a haunted house. At the creative table, lots of emerging designers created Halloween costumes.
This month we teamed up with Ms OBrien’s class to bake chocolate biscuit cake. Lots of teamwork, patience and helpfulness was needed for this task. Following this up we completed a piece of recount writing about how we made the cake. There was great enjoyment as we each brought home a slice. Yum!
Other enjoyable events of this month included Maths Week. We took part in daily problem solving and we completed some group work with Fifth and Sixth class. We made numbers with playdough and we joined a live zoom call where we listened to a story called “Cuthbert Sees Double”. As a result, this inspired us to complete an art project where we doubled our painting!
We learned all about ourselves in SPHE and the importance of our name and our facial features and how they help identify ourselves. This inspired us to complete self-portraits.
In Science we explored magnets and talked about Magnetism and how magnets stick to metal. We had great fun predicting and testing.
Cliff, our class teddy, joined us this month and he is really enjoying his weekend adventures. We love hearing all about it when he returns and seeing the lovely entries into his scrapbook.
We were sad to say goodbye to Catherine, our Yoga instructor but we really enjoyed our time with her. We enjoyed Thursday morning adventures and relaxation.
We are very excited about our Halloween break, our Halloween Walk and festivities. We have had so much fun and learning in October. We have spent lots of time with our friends, developing conversations, friendships and learning about traditions around Halloween.
We are looking forward to seeing what next month brings.


We’ve had a busy start to the year in Mrs O’Meara’s room getting our newest pupils settled and used to school life! Along with being busy learning we have been having so much fun at playtime both in the classroom and on the yard especially when we join forces with our next door neighbours, Ms O’Brien’s! 

 We do activities such as playdough, painting, jigsaws, games, group activities, free play and much more. We have dropped into the multi-sensory room for some chill out time and the playground to burn off some energy! PE, Gaeilge and Art are becoming a fast favourite and we can’t forget playtime! We are really enjoying Music Generation lessons with Elsbeth, our music instructor and we particularly love Thursday morning yoga with Catherine. 

Two of our highlights this month were Senior Infants joining forces to bake cookies and our popcorn party on Friday for Golden Time! Both of which we have no photos of as we were having so much fun we forgot to get some snaps! We are looking forward to what the next month brings us!