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Easter Raffle Results

Thank you to everyone who supported the Crannchur Uibheacha Cásca on Friday 31st March. We collected in total 576 euro which is phenomenal. We are very grateful to all the parents, teachers, students and all the staff in the school who bought tickets. We would like to acknowledge the Easter egg donation made by a generous member of the community which enabled the raffle to take place.

The following were the winners of the raffle:

1st prize25 Euro Voucher for Steemer’s newsagents in BunclodySophie
2nd prize25 Euro Voucher Steemer’s newsagents in BunclodyMs Doran
3rd prizeThe Chocolate Garden of Ireland Large Easter eggAmy Rose
4th prizeLarge Cadbury Mini eggs Easter eggCillian
5th prizeLarge box of Milk Tray chocolatesConor
6th prizeMedium size eggDarcy
7th prizeMedium size eggOrla
8th prizeMedium size eggJoe
9th prizeMedium size eggJoseph
10th prizeMedium size eggEllie
11th prizeMedium size eggAnnabelle
12th prizeMedium size eggIsabella
13th prizeMedium size eggJoey
14th prizeSmall size Chocolate eggThomas
15th prizeSmall size Chocolate eggCian
16th prizeSmall size Chocolate eggJack
17th prizeSmall size Chocolate eggElla
18th prizeSmall size Chocolate eggHannah
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