School Calendar


In keeping with Department of Education guidelines, the school is managed by a Board of Management, responsible for the governance of the school.

The Board of Management is renewed every 4 years, with the last election in 2019, beginning a four-year term of office commencing on 1st December 2019. All procedures have been followed in line with the new Governance Manual for Primary Schools 2019-2023.

The Board of Management comprises of 2 elected representatives of the parents (1 female, 1 male), 2 Patron’s nominees, an elected representative of the teaching staff, the school Principal, and 2 community representatives. They meet at least 5 times per year or more often if necessary.

Chairperson                                 Treasurer                             Secretary

Margaret Doyle                               Deirdre Coleman                     Irene O Brien


  • Deirdre Coleman


  • Irene O Brien


Board members

Parent’s Nominees

  • Deirdre Coleman
  • Alexander Durdin Robertson

Patron’s Nominees

  • Fr. Pat Hughes
  • Margaret Doyle

Community Representatives

  • Paul Doyle
  • Nick Roberts

Teacher’s Nominees 

  • Irene O’ Brien
  • Mary O Gallagher