School Calendar

Anything But A Bag Day

 Next Wednesday 23/2/22 there will be a fundraiser in the school. Our Student Council have been very busy organising this with Ms Longe. The title of the fundraiser will be ‘Anything But a Bag ‘. Children and staff will come to school carrying their books/lunch by a different means!
  • Students will have a No Uniform Day on this day also. Buckets will be placed at the gate to collect money/donation. There is no set amount of money, people give what they can.
  • In addition, for some fun, the students can take part in ‘ Guess the Sweets in a Jar’ competition. Two representatives from the Student Council will go from class to class starting next Monday. They will call in on Tuesday and Wednesday also. The students in each class can guess how many sweets are in the jar. Each guess costs 50 C so start collecting those 50C coins. Students can guess as many times as they like. The closest guess wins- guess must not go over the exact amount. Winner will be announced on Wednesday.
  • Posters will be displayed around the school to remind everyone of what is happening next week. The Student Council will also design posters for their rooms and hallways. The money raised will go towards the Bunclody Community Park. A presentation will be made to a representative from the Bunclody Community Park committee on Wednesday afternoon.