School Calendar

Accelarated Reading

World Book Day 2024 was marked with a visit from Imelda and Laura from our Parents’ Council. This coincided with our official launch of our Accelerated Reader programme.
Special thanks to our active Parents’ Council who have heavily contributed to the roll out and funding of this reading scheme, namely, Accelerated Reader. Accelerated Reader puts pupils in the driver’s seat. Teachers guide pupils, while engaging quizzes and activities help hone pupils’  reading skills with authentic practice, which encourages growth. All of the pupils in Ms Hayden’s room are already busy reading and taking quizzes. The pupils in Ms Wadding’s room are nearly ready to start their Accelerated Reader journey. Shortly Ms Longe’s and Ms Cawley’s rooms will embark on their Accelerated Reading journey. We thank all the teachers for their efforts with the preparatory phase of this reading programme, especially Mrs Austin who has been very invested in cataloguing all our books and assessing our pupils. Many thanks to all the parents who donated books too for the programme.