School Calendar


Welcome to Ms. Deegan’s class!

Take a look at what we got up to this year.

This month has been extremely busy in Second Class. We spent a lot of time practicing for our Carol Service, all our hard work paid off. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

In Maths we have been learning all about place value and renaming. We have also been learning all about Money, we set up our very own shop in class and took it in turns working as the shop keeper. We had to work out how much the items cost and give back the correct change as well.

In History we have been learning all about toys in the past. We read a story called the Toymaker, and made a story board sequencing all the events that happened. We also worked altogether to put together a timeline of the most popular toys over the years.

In Science, we have had great fun learning all about magnets. We used what we had learned about magnets to design and create our own fishing board games. We all came up with different ideas and all our games worked so well. We even got to chance to play the games the other groups had made.

In Geography, we have been learning about Christmas around the world. In pairs we created great projects showcasing different traditions in lots of different countries. We presented our projects to the class to share all that we had learned. We are so proud of the projects that we created.

The highlight of the month was the hot chocolate party we earned after our excellent work and behaviour over the last few weeks. We are all looking forward to our Christmas holidays and a well-earned rest.


This November Second class have been working really hard across all areas of the Curriculum, in Maths we explored all our topics through fun, hands on activities. We looked at odd and even numbers and patterns to name a few.

In Art we have been looking at the work of Piet Mondrian, a Dutch painter, we re-created his work.

In Science we are learning all about different, materials. We worked like real scientists by planning and conducting a fair test investigation, to see which
material would keep Guzzler’s hot chocolate warmest for longest.


It has been another busy month in Second Class, we have learned all about Autumn and hibernation. We designed and created our own hibernation stations for hedgehogs by collecting suitable materials and built them outside. We are really enjoying our Music Generation Guitar lessons, we are improving so much each week!

We also celebrated Maths Week this month, there were lots of fun games and activities organised for us, we had a great time. We did an online table quiz and Fifth and Sixth class helped us to complete a Maths trail around the school,
as well as the daily Maths puzzles.

There have been lots of opportunities for us to work together in groups through hands on activities, we are all excited for midterm and can’t wait for more
learning in November.


September has been a very busy month for our Second-class pupils as we began to settle back into a routine. We started our swimming lessons which we are all really enjoying and we have worked really hard at all our other curricular subjects too. Take a look at some of the fantastic work that we have gotten up to so far.