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School Self Evaluation (SSE)

School Self Evaluation (SSE) enables schools to examine how teaching takes place and how well pupils are learning in their own unique set of circumstances. Research shows that the most beneficial changes in schools occur when the Principal and Teachers work together to recognise their strengths, identify areas that need improvement, and examine their performance. SSE, which was introduced in 2012, gives structure to this process. It enables schools to set evidence based targets, evaluate their implementation and achieve change which they believe is necessary.

Schools gather evidence from parents, pupils and the teachers. This allows them to celebrate what is working well in the school, decide on changes they wish to implement and report their unique set of circumstances to the school community.

In our school, we first targeted Literacy and decided to work on the areas of Spelling and Self- Evaluation of their own work by the children. The report was completed in May 2013 and the Plan has been implemented since September 2013.
SSE Report - Literacy
SSE Improvement Plan - Literacy

Our second area for SSE was Numeracy. Our report on Problem Solving in Maths was issued in February 2015 and is being implemented since September 2015.
SSE Report - Numeracy
SSE Improvement Plan - Numeracy

Currently we are looking at Irish as an area we wish to target. Already the children and teachers have completed questionnaires. Parents will also receive questionnaires to inform us on how they view Irish as a school subject and how they feel their child/children are progressing in this subject area.