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Good to know

If for any reason, your child cannot attend school, please send in a written note explaining the reason for absence on your child's return. This note can be addressed to the class teacher in question. If no note is received it will be recorded as an unexplained absence. If your child is absent for more than 20 days during the school year we are legally obliged to report it to the Education Welfare Board. In the interest of your child’s education please ensure your child is not absent unnecessarily or for frivolous reasons. It would be appreciated if you could plan holidays or breaks outside of school times.
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In our school, we aim to create a happy, caring and safe environment where every person is treated with dignity and encouraged to achieve his/her full potential. Our school is also a Bully Free Zone. To ensure there are clear guidelines for children, teachers, staff, parents and the Board of Management on what is acceptable behaviour in our school, school rules, a code of behaviour and an anti-bullying policy were put in place.
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Book Rental Scheme
This is organised by the school. Books are purchased and covered. This includes use of library books and extra books in various subjects. The school will notify parents of the costs involved. For Junior and Senior Infants the Book Rental Scheme also covers copies, folders, pencils, etc. for the year.
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Child Protection
Our school fully endorses the Children First – National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children 2017 and follows the Child Protection Guidelines for Primary and Post Primary Schools 2017. Our Child Protection Policy is available for parents to view. Mary Gallagher is the Designated Liaison Person for Child Protection and Eithne Ryan is the Deputy Liaison Person. If you have any concerns about any child protection issue you can speak to these staff members.
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We want children in our care to achieve their full potential and to be happy. We recognise that parents or guardians play an important part in making this happen. We aim to provide as many opportunities as possible to keep parents informed and involved in the education of their children. However, we recognise there are times when things go wrong, when concerns continue and differences of opinion develop. What to do in case of a complaint is described in our Complaints policy.
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Food Allergies
We have pupils with a serious allergy to fish, eggs, kiwi, nuts, ground almonds and pulses such as peas, beans, lentils, chickpeas, etc.  Please do not include these items in your child’s lunch and be aware they can be the base ingredient in other foods. Please be aware that mayonnaise contains eggs and hummus contains chickpeas.

We understand that one of the more expensive brands of chocolate spread is manufactured in a guaranteed nut free environment. However, it is impossible for us to know what brand of chocolate spread you are using and impossible for the other children to know either. Therefore it would be safer for everyone if you did not use chocolate spread on your child’s lunch.

Pupils who wear astro-turf runners to school are asked to bring a change of footwear as these runners bring in a huge amount of dirt and carpets are being ruined. A box will be provided to store shoes. Any light shoes/runners will be suitable for classroom wear.

Unfortunately, headlice can always be a problem in school. If your child has headlice please inform us so we can urge all families to check hair. There is no shame involved! We are told they prefer clean hair. Perhaps Friday night could be hair night. If everyone checked hair and treated it if necessary, problems could be eliminated. Because even one person remaining unchecked can undo all the good work of the other families.

Healthy Eating Policy
Our school operates as a sugar free zone. This has been developed at the request of parents. Please try to adhere to it.  We strongly urge you to provide healthy nutritious lunches and not to include sweets, buns, biscuits, fizzy drinks, etc.  It makes it very difficult for children, whose parents follow the Healthy Eating Policy, to have to look at others indulging in sweet treats. It is important to realise that many fruit and cereal bars have a very high sugar content. Please continue to bring healthy lunches and drinks to school each day. Here are some options of a healthy lunch:

  • Bread or rolls, preferably wholemeal/pitta bread/wraps/crackers/ whole meal scone
  • Lean meat/chicken or turkey
  • Flask of vegetable soup
  • Pasta
  • Satsumas/banana/pear/pineapple/apple/melon/plum
  • Small bunch of grapes/fresh strawberries/dried apricots
  • Box of raisins
  • Half a dozen cherry tomatoes
  • Sticks of raw carrot/cucumber/sweetcorn/coleslaw/beetroot/peppers
  • Cheese cubes & plain/wholemeal crackers
  • Slice of fruit brack
  • Wholemeal bread cut into small triangles — and filled with ham and cheese
  • Water/Milk/unsweetened fruit juice
  • Fruit Yoghurt/Yoghurt drink
  • Plain popcorn
  • Cheese cut into various shapes e.g. cubes, triangles, sticks, etc
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Homework is an important aspect of the work of the pupils. Educational Research has shown conclusively that a child’s learning is significantly improved where parents are involved in the learning process. Try to help a little every day and be sure to keep enthusiastic, never let it become a nuisance. Reading to your child, listening to them read, discussing books and listening to them making up stories is very beneficial. Encourage them always to do their best and try to establish a pattern to do homework (eg right after school, after tea). Active homework, when allocated, is very important as it encourages your child to regard physical activity as a normal part of life.

The recommended homework times are as follows. If your child is taking longer to complete homework and it is not caused by distractions, please make an appointment with the class teacher.
Junior & Senior Infants: 5 - 10 min.
1st & 2nd class: 20 min. - ½ hour
3rd & 4th class: ½ - 1 hour
5th & 6th class: 1 - 1½ hours
Please supervise your child’s work and sign diaries and shared reading cards each night.
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Your child can avail of the “Milk for Schools” scheme from September to Christmas and/or from January to June. This scheme is optional. Each child availing of the scheme receives a small carton of milk (189mls) each day before 11 o’clock break. You will be advised of the ordering process and the cost for each period nearer to the time.

Mobile Phones
The Board of Management strictly forbids children to bring mobile phones to school. Pupils who ignore this policy, whether they use the phone or not, will be required to hand over their phone to a member of staff. Parents will be asked to collect it from the school office. It will only be available for collection one month later on payment of a fine of 30 euro, which will be donated to Bóthar.
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Parent-Teacher Communication
Parent-teacher communication is welcomed throughout the duration of the pupil’s education at our school and home-school links are actively encouraged. Several types of communication are actively pursued in our school to keep parents informed. They are listed in our Communication Policy.

To discuss your child's progress a Parent Teacher Meeting is held in the first term of every year. If you wish to discuss your child’s progress, or any other issue, with the class teacher or with the school principal at any other time, you are always very welcome to call to the school and make an appointment. Written reports are sent out once a year, in June, to all pupils.
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Parental Involvement
Parents are encouraged to play an active role in the child’s school life. It is widely recognised that children benefit from an effective partnership between parents and teachers. Therefore, we encourage close co-operation and collaboration between the home and the school.
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Parents are asked to observe the parking signs in front of the school. In the interest of safety for all children please do not park on the stretch of road in front of the school between 9am and 9.45am and 1.45pm and 3.15pm during school days.

School Bus
It is extremely important that children using the school bus service fasten their seat belts, remain seated for the full journey and behave in an appropriate manner on the bus and while entering and leaving the bus. It is also expected that they will be respectful to each other and the driver. Rows which develop on the bus and spill over into the school are not acceptable.

School Hours
School commences at 9.20am and finishes at 3.00pm. Junior and Senior Infants finish at 2.00pm. The school authorities stress that the Board of Management provides no facility for the supervision of children before 9.10am and after 3.00pm. Teachers oblige and supervise the yard from 9.10am to allow assembly time.
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School Magazine
The school magazine, publish at the end of each year, contains work by every pupil in the school. The proceeds go to provide them with new resources. It also provides a lot of suitable reading material for children at the beginning of the holidays.

Pupils from 1st to 6th class and all pupils in the ASD classes avail of 10 weeks swimming instruction each year. All pupils are expected to attend unless there is a medical reason for non-attendance. In this case it is essential that a medical cert is supplied to the school.

Children are not allowed to bring food or treats on the bus. They have lunch before leaving the school.  At swimming lessons they must behave well and follow any instructions given to them. Bad behaviour on the bus en-route to swimming or on the way home will not be accepted and if it persists, the child/children involved will miss a week’s swimming. They will be given work to do in school while other pupils are at swimming.

The school uniform consists of a wine jumper/cardigan (with school crest) and grey skirt/trousers with a white or grey shirt/blouse, and a wine tie. Ties need not be worn except on special occasions. Girls wear wine or grey tights. During very warm weather pupils may wear appropriate shorts made from the same material and in the same shade of grey as the school uniform.

The school tracksuit top is navy with red, yellow and green horizontal stripes on the upper half. It is worn over a red polo shirt with the school crest. The tracksuit bottom is navy in the same material as the top. Tracksuits are only worn on PE days, including swimming days and when games coaches attend the school. During very warm weather pupils may wear appropriate shorts made from the same material and in the same shade of blue as the tracksuit bottom.

Jumpers may be purchased in any store. Iron-on crests are available in the school for 2.30 euro each. School uniforms are also available from Steemers/O'Leary's in Bunclody, Matt Mernagh School Uniform Shop in Enniscorthy and from Ken Rothwell in Bunclody.
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Weekly Assembly
Every week we hold an assembly in the Parish Hall with all the pupils. This year it takes place on Fridays at 1.00pm. During assembly the Pupil of the week from each class is announced. This is “a big fuss” for the children when they receives this award. It has to be worked for – it doesn’t just come in turn!
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