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Our Aims

The aims of St. Brigid’s National School in Clonegal are:

  • To enable our pupils to enjoy school and to live life to the full as children.
  • To enhance their self esteem and to recognise their good qualities, while encouraging them to respect the views, rights and beliefs of others.
  • To develop academic, cultural and aesthetic values in each child and to foster an appreciation of our Irish culture and heritage.
  • To develop their full potential in all areas of the curriculum.
  • To promote a sense of responsibility for themselves, others and the environment.
  • To nurture a work ethic in each pupil in accordance with ability.
  • To promote a spirit of co-operation and to develop good interpersonal skills.
  • To develop leadership qualities and to encourage each pupil to be tolerant, caring and politically aware.
  • To make each child aware of the importance of expressing his/her opinions and feelings in an appropriate manner.
  • To equip them to avail of further education appropriate to each child.
  • To prepare them to live, happy and useful lives as adults in society.

    Our School Motto
    Mol an óige agus tiocfaidh sí.